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Darshan. Mirrors of the Soul

Darshan. Mirrors of the Soul

From 22 june 2020 to 2 may 2021

Photographs of Marcel Poulin

Darshan is a Sanskrit word meaning "sight" or "gaze".Hindus in India seek the sacred darshan experience in the eyes of their idols in the temples.They also look for the darshan experience in the eyes of their spiritual master.

The Darshan. Mirrors of the Soul photo exhibit inspires us to turn our eyes towards other humans who have selflessly given, through their gaze, a parcel of their soul.Their darshan.

These photos were taken in natural light by Marcel Poulin, during his travels through the Orient.They show people from different places, different cultures and religions.The photographer brings these gazes from the other side of the world to life, allowing them to travel all the way to Canada to be seen by eyes from here.This exhibit was organized with special collaboration from writer André Carpentier, who asked a dozen Québec authors to write texts on the "gaze."


Artist, Photographer

An adventurer and photographer, Marcel Poulin resides in India.He has been practising his art for nearly thirty years.His photography looks at travels and exploring new cultures.Whether they are portraits or landscapes, Marcel Poulin's photographs draw us into his contemplative space.

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