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Glue, Paper, Scissors

Glue, Paper, Scissors

From November 27th to January 7th at Bibliothèque Charles-Édouard-Mailhot (Victoriaville)

The career of Claude Lafortune

Is he an artist, a poet, a sculptor, a craftsman, a storyteller or a magician?
Claude Lafortune is all that and much more!

The Glue, Paper, Scissors, Claude Lafortune exhibition offers a glimpse at his career and amazing creations.

A talented and tireless artist who has dabbled in many things, Claude Lafortune has explored religion, history and art. He has had a wonderful influence on Quebec religious education, captivating generations of students with his original sculptures.

Reawaken the child within you and embark on a voyage of discovery of this remarkable man. You will be amazed by the vividness, originality, colours-in short, the genius-of his work.

Information : 819-293-6148

Ce projet est appuyé en partie dans le cadre du Programme d'aide aux musées de Patrimoine canadien.
This project is supported in part by the Museums Assistance Program at Canadian Heritage.



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