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Object donation procedure

First, the donor must:

  • report to the Museum with the object (ideally make an appointment with the manager of collections)


  • send pictures and a description of the object (date, provenance, history, etc..) by email ( or by mail (900, boul. Louis-Fréchette, Nicolet, J3T 1V5).
*If the object is retained during screening, collections manager will present your offer to purchase gift Committee (Committee of Experts). The acquisition committee meets twice a year in April and November
Note: if the selection is made by the committee during the month of November, you will have provided all required documents no later than 15 December to receive a receipt for the purpose of tax dated the year. Otherwise, the receipt will be issued for the following year.

If your offer is accepted, to receive a receipt for tax purposes, it is your responsibility to make a formal assessment and at your expense.

  • For valued at less than $1,000 : item issued by a comparable (reasonable);
  • For a cost of between $1,000 and $10,000 : item compulsory formal assessment;
  • At an estimated $10,000 more items: two mandatory formal evaluations (we will issue a receipt for the amount of the average of the two objects).

The Committee may refuse your offer donation for the following reasons:

  • Lack of space;
  • Duplication;
  • Poor;
  • Does not match our areas's collecting.

If your item is accepted by the acquisition committee, you will be mailed a contract in two copies for you to sign and return one of the two copies. Transportation of the object to the Museum and the costs incurred will be borne by the donor.

Thank you very much for thinking of our institution for the preservation of your property!

Caroline Champagne
Collections Manager
819 293-6148, ext. 1029