Educational Programs

With educational programs, students visit the five major religions according to themes and animations built with the Ethics and Religious Culture program. In 1h30, based on interactivity, in the context of different learning, programs are a great complement to what students learn in the classroom.

For the 1st Elementary Cycle:

  • Activities at Christmas and Easter

For the 2nd Elementary Cycle:

  • In a community near you: Activity on the rituals associated with festivals

For the 3rd Elementary Cycle:

  • The quest of Siddhartha: Activity on the prayer rituals and oaths

For the 3rd Elementary Cycle and high School:

  • I swear, on the sacred and swearing

For high School :

  • Heritage: for the first cycle, exploring the notion of heritage
  • Religions are exposed: For the high School, learning museology through the manipulation of objects.

Download the program in PDF format

"À la carte" services :

Complete your visit with other stimulating and rewarding activities:

  • Sand Mandala: as Buddhist monks, learn the principles of meditation with colored sand.
  • Visit exhibitions: activities are available to visit the various exhibitions according to the themes in place.
  • Rituals: For high School, exploration of the permanent exhibition on the theme of rituals.
  • Behind the scenes: Visit reserves and workshop, visit a venue installation (if possible)

School Trips:

Did you know that our leaders move? Some of our activities are available in size adjusted to be in class for a very affordable price, depending on the distance.

  • For high School: activity Religions and expose the activity I swear.
  • For the 3rd elementary cycle, activity quest of Siddhartha and activity I swear.
  • For the 1st and 2nd elementary cycle, activity "Christmas marvels."

Guided tours:

It is possible, at any time, to request a guided tour of the Musée des Religions du Monde. You want a more complete experience? Book a group of 10 or more and get a discount on admission and the presence of a guide to walk with you in the exhibitions.