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The collections of Le Musée des Religions du Monde contain more than 120 000 items including the largest collection of pious Canada images. The collections consist of objects from the five major world religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity, and, from everywhere on the planet. Objects of worship stand alongside art and everyday objects that have special meaning. The collections of Le Musée des Religions du Monde are constantly changing, you discover!

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The great religions

Welcome to our central asset documentation. There is a wide repertoire of information on the five great world religions as well as some very specific information from our temporary exhibitions. The entire documentation below, you will learn about the history that has shaped the great religions of the world and will also help you understand the traditions and ideologies of different peoples around us. In addition, the section "The meeting of beliefs" is enhanced several times a year. Visit us regularly!

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Bouddhism Guide Buddhism first appeared during the seventh century. Its founder Siddhartha Gautama, son of a king, was born in Northern India, close to Nepal’ s borders.
Christianity It is only in year one of our era that the term « Catholic » first appeared. It designated a unified Christianity and it also indicated a geographically universal church, that transcended the linguistic, racial and national differences. The sole criterion of the allegiance to Christianity was the communion with both the universal church and archibishop of Rome.
Hinduism Contrary to most other religions, Hinduism has no official founder nor doctrine or unified belief. Hindus generally concur that God is present in all things, living or not in the universe and that He transcends them all, that the essence of each soul is supernal . Finally, An adherent of Hinduism believes that the whole purpose of our existence consists of becoming aware of this divine essence.
Hinduism Guide Hinduism is an amalgam of three major beliefs : The aborigines : Aboriginal people, The Dravidians : People speaking Indian languages but who may not be Indo-European natives, The Indo-Europeans: Nomad people who invaded India during the second millenium of our Christian era.
Au nom d'Allah
Islam The youngest of the three great monotheistic religions, Islam is the religious faith of Muslims. Its origin goes back to Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar. Abraham is considered to be the first Jewish prophet. To ensure his line of descent, Abraham wed Hagar when his first wife Sarah could not provide offsprings. Later, when Sarah gave birth to Isaac, she urged Abraham to banish Ishmael and Hagar from the tribe. According to the Koran, the sacred text of Islam, Ishmael fled to Mecca, city situated in Saudi Arabia. Ishmael’s descendants became Muslim while Isaac’s became Jews.
Judaism Jew’s religion or Judaism incorporates religious rituals and a moral code of conduct. It also lies on the Hebrew people’s history on which celebrations and rituals are inspired. Today, Judaism brings together people of all races and nations.
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